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Another good night at Women Who Code. Nice to see that in only two months, attendance has already grown big enough to have filled the oversized lobby at PariSoMa.

Had a bunch of good chats, suggested a new WWC intermediate-level series (as complement to the novices series) on GitHubbing and open source hacking generally, and got wowed by a demo of using Kinect to remotely send selectable keystrokes and mouse events via body positions.( +Judy Tuan would be able to explain that one better. It's clearly got a lot of potential uses beyond gaming, which is the prospect I find most interesting.)

Another woman gave an (impromptu) lightening talk about her nonprofit intro-to-programming project in Hunters Point, for young black girls. Some are as young as six, wow. The girls are learning some Python, KidsRuby, Scratch, and (possibly) Alice. The project needs more female coders, of any experience level, to contribute as little as one (Satur?)day to show girls that Women Programmers Really Do Exist and Are Cool, and help coach the students through the process of reasoning out solutions when they get stuck.