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Ah, Lion, you stealthy beast. At first you pretended to be fine with RVM, but it was a mis-lead. I reinstalled Homebrew and RVM, and you did seem content. Rubies waiting where they should be, even with their gemsets attached. But then I tried to use sqlite, and you just growled errors at me. Even after upgrading XCode, you still insist that I "have to install development tools first."

For the record, when upgrading to Lion:

  1. Finish with the Lion upgrade.
  2. Go to the App Store and download XCode 4. It's free.
  3. After XCode 4 finishes downloading (over an hour in my case, but your mileage may vary), open "/Applications/Install XCode". Let it too do its stuff.
  4. $ brew update
  5. $ brew install --force sqlite
  6. $ rvm gem head
  7. $ rvm --force install 1.9.3 # whatever Ruby version you use; lather, rinse, repeat
  8. $ gem install sqlite3 # or bundle install sqlite3, if using Bundler

Forcing RVM to reinstall its Rub(y|ies) is probably necessary if you have any gem that relies on C headers.

Homebrew is merely optional. But sqlite relies on the library it installs, and I try to not carry forward messiness that's bound to bite me on the ass later.

Shout outs to Frank Lakatos of Faking Fantastic for the RVM fix, and to Jörg W Mittag's explanation on Stackoverflow about CGems.

UPDATE: Apple has release a UNIX tools package for Lion which contains the necessary headers.