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"Ten Badass Moments in Girl Scout History"

"In response to a pending resolution that would have honored the 100th anniversary in the state of Indiana, Rep. Bob Morris informed his colleagues via hilarious letter that, based on some "internet research," he'd concluded that those Girl Scouts were up to no good. But thankfully, anti GSA bullshittery lends itself well to rebuttal. In response to Marshall's letter, Republican Speaker of the Indiana House Brian Bosma bought 278 boxes of Thin Mints and spent the next day eating them while presiding over the legislature, occasionally offering cookies to his colleagues."

I wouldn't have shared the cookies. Transphobia == no DoSiDos for you. But Brian Bosma has a better scheme, clearly.

P.S. Thank you for 100 years of leadership, Girl Guides^H^H^H^H^H Scouts!