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I'm getting back up to speed on Ruby and Rails.

I learned back in the era of Ruby 1.8 and Rails 1.1.*. TDD and BDD were just emerging as topics of serious interest within the community. Oh, ye olden days!

I didn't use the skills for a couple of years, so they'd fallen fallow. Meanwhile, Ruby 1.9 introduced some syntactical changes that are backwards-incompatible and Rails, at 3.*, is apparently a different beast altogether. Between the three, it seemed best to start education over from beginner. No doubt uptake this time will go much quicker.

I'm enjoying the Ruby Koans. They're stirring fond memories of The Little Schemer. The koans are kind of a hippy-dippy, cheat-sheet included, test-driven, Little Schemer Lite.

The Little Schemer was considerably more challenging and abstract/conceptual. But both teach through code itself; an uncommon approach, that keeps my mind happily engaged with problem-solving. Any recommendations for more advanced Ruby tutorials that use similar methodology? (_why's guide drove me crazy last time, FYI)