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Manning Publications 50% off eBooks, today-only promo code: "dotd0903cc".

Manning, O'Reilly, and Pragmatic are among (stand alone as?) the few tech publishers who don't DRM their ebooks. They even typically provide multiple formats (typically PDF/Mobi/ePub) for single ebook purchase price. Whahoo. Quality textbooks, and a business model worth supporting.

I took the opportunity to get the WIP of "SASS and Compass In Action". What's there looks promising.

Pragmatic's got the only other SASS books I could find, and oh my is the tone excessively conversational and head-patting patronizing. Tech textbooks: knock it off, please. "Metaprogramming Ruby", also from Pragmatic, takes this style to hellish lengths. So much good, meaty subject to teach; buried in cruft and making me grit my teeth.