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In an average month, San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood is host to more than 30 workshops, classes, and study groups that are:

  • specifically for women to learn programming, maintain ongoing study, and enter the profession;
  • provided by professional programmers, who teach and mentor for the sheer darned pleasure of sharing what they know and expanding the community; and
  • all of it either completely free or else low-cost (with up to 100% scholarships available for the latter, as needed)

And thosre are just the ones about the principal languages of the Rails stack: Ruby, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Yes, 30 events per month that meet all of those criteria.

So many opportunities to see, do, learn, teach, lead, mentor.

This weekend I had the pleasure of volunteering at yet another of these local events. RailsGirls held its second workshop in San Francisco; another organization easing into this vibrant mix. Welcome, RailsGirls grads! Here's a couple slides introducing you to the abundance of local answers to "What's next?" I hope we'll get to see you again, soon, at several of 'em.

UPDATE: Fixed the hashtag. Added 2 more resources.